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Working with David is truly a pleasure.  He is a passionate, creative, professional and innovative teacher. David brings all of the positive aspects of informal Jewish education into the classroom to help students really understand the beauty of Israel education, and the power of Jewish knowledge.”        Laurence Jacobs, North American Program Coordinator NFTY in Israel

“David is an excellent teacher and facilitator. He taught
Israel: A New Millennium, A New Reality at United Jewish Communities. During his discussion our staff was better able to understand the relationship and connection between the American Jewish community and Israel.  He engaged the group in stimulating conversation and helped to reinvigorate them in their connection to Israel.”

Polina Froymovich, UJC Mandel Center For Leadership Excellence

“David Bryfman spoke about “What Israeli Teens Are Listening To On Their IPods” to our Hebrew High School.  This was one of the highlights of the kids’ year!  His power point presentation was extremely well- organized and his questions to the kids were thought-provoking and inviting.  The topic was relevant to their lives and discussion flowed.  David is a master teacher and relates so well to teens.
Lauren Gordon, Principal, Congregation B’nai Israel

“Thank you so much for coming to St. Louis; you were an invaluable resource.  You have a great gift for being able to speak to many different audiences and to tailor your presentations to them.  Every group that you met with left impressed and stimulated by you. I hope that as we carry on with our work we can find ways to bring you back.”
Adina H. Frydman, Director, Focus Israel, Jewish Federation of St. Louis

We brought David to Wash U for a piece about who Idan Raichel is, which was in preparation for our concert. By the end of the presentation, we had all gained a better sense of what Idan’ music sounds like and what the story is behind his lyrics. He was engaging, informative, sophisticated, and a lot of fun. We’d love for him to return.”
Alex Freedman, President of Jewish Student Union, Washington University, St. Louis

“David Bryfman is a warm and engaging presenter who invites his audience to be part of a conversation about Israel that is not only intellectually honest but also comes from the gut.  The selections of contemporary Israeli music that he incorporates hit at the heart of many complex and emotionally loaded issues that reflect both the positive and problematic sides of a very real Israel.  He is able to reach out to audiences of all ages and elicit the participation and involvement of people of diverse backgrounds. It is a pleasure to meet such a dynamic and passionate presenter.”
Suri Jacknis, Suffolk Association for Jewish Educational Services (SAJES), Commack, NY


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