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Pop Culture

Did you see Juno? But did you see  the Purim spin off of Juno? This humorous look at Purim is sure to bring you laughter and joy (and a bit of discomfort).

Knocked Up
Not what you might expect when going to see this teen comedy – but nevertheless there is an extremely interchange related to Jewish identity and Israel – with a lot of coarse language.

Bart does Hava Nagila

Krusty the Clown shows off his Jewishness

The Hebrew Mamista
This video has been making its way around YouTube and  shows one very cool Hebrew gal with some pretty awesome poetry.

Family Guy
I Need a Jew Family Guy

Scare Jew

Mel Gibson apologizes

South Park
9-11 was done by the Jews

Jew Gold


How many times has Kyle been ripped for being a Jew?

Jew Songs

Going to Hell

Why Be Jewish? (coz why the hell not)
One teenager’s rendition of what it means to be Jewish today.
Ali G – Borat –  Hunting the Jew
Borat Sagdiyev comes from Kazakhstan, and travels around the United Kingdom and America interviewing people and engaging in their activities. Borat often makes his guests feel uncomfortable by introducing them to “Kazakh” customs, or by making misogynistic and anti-Semitic comments based on his unfamiliar culture.

Ali G –  Borat – Throw the Jew Down the Well
Well documented account of Borat traveling to Rural America and getting a crowd to       join him in singing the chorus “Throw the Jew Down the Well.”

Shomer F&$%$ing Shabbes
The infamous scene from The Big Lebowski  when Walter refuses to bowl on Shabbes. (once again language may make this clip not suitable for some viewers)

Avenue Jew : Fiddler on the Roof – Everyone’s a Little Bit Jewish
A hilariously funny Jewish version of Broadway’s Avenue Q.

If I Were a  Rich Man – Yidcore
Australia’s very own version punk Jewish rock group.


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