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I’m available to create and deliver tailor-made workshops and presentations for your organization.

Workshops range from anywhere between 45 minutes and full day sessions, and audience sizes range as well – from a handful of people to 1,000+

On specific topics, I also serve as a scholar-in-residence for an extended period of time.

I’m also available for longer term consulting with organizations interested in exploring how they can change the culture of their institutions with respect to experiential education.

Jewish Teens
What do we know about Jewish teens today?

Understanding technology in relation to our Jewish teens?

Me, My Friends and Community: How do social networking web-sites help us to better understand the ways in which Jewish teenagers today conceive of their own identities?

Where have all the boys gone?

What we know and what we think we know about Jewish Teens today?
What is it that we know, or think we know, about the enigmatic species of the teenager and their sub-set, the Jewish teenager? This forum will explore some of the myths, and possibly some of the realities of what it means to be a (Jewish) teenager in the new millennium. It will also investigate experiential Jewish education as both a philosophy and a practical tool of providing meaningful programming to teenagers as part of our work in relation to Jewish teen philanthropy.
Rather than only focusing on the often highlighted negative stereotypes of teenagers this forum will look at both the “negative” and “positive” aspects of the adolescent – but more importantly will look at this generation as teenagers and not as adults-in-the-making. This somewhat radical conception of the Jewish teenager in the here and now opens up a world of possibilities in terms of what we know about them, what we can discover about them, and how we can program for them in more significant and impactful ways.


Israel as a Cornerstone of Jewish Identity
We all know it’s important but still it is often difficult to articulate. This session will explore they ‘why’ of Israel in Jewish education as well as introduce us all to some innovative ways to bring Israel to life in the classroom. Through the lens of contemporary Israeli culture we will look at ways in which Israel can and should be considered an integral component of anyone’s Jewish education.

Organizing a Mifgash (encounter) with a group of Israelis

Planning an Israel Experience Program

Utilizing Contemporary Israeli Music in Jewish education

What are Israeli teens downloading onto their iPods?

The Centrality of Jerusalem in Jewish Life

Secular Zionist Approaches to the Utopian Dream

Israeli Society through contemporary Film and Music

Experiential Jewish Education

What is Experiential Jewish Education?

Making the Classroom more like Summer Camp or Making the Formal more Informal
Do you want to bring a ropes course into your classroom? Ever thought about lighting a campfire in the middle of your school? If so – this session isn’t really for you. Instead this session will begin taking a more theoretical look at what constitutes formal, informal and most importantly experiential Jewish education. And although camp is camp and school is school – we will look at concrete ways of integrating informal education into the formal environment

Leadership Skills (Hadracha)

Developing Creative and Innovative Programming

Leadership Styles and Qualities of Leaders

The Games We Play

How to Facilitate a Discussion?

How to commemorate the Holocaust in the new millennium?

Holocaust Denial – how to identity it for what it is and how to combat it?


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