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About this Blog

Welcome to Bryfy.com!  The bulk of the site is filled with resources that I often refer to in various sessions I’ve presented for different groups and in communities around the world.  I decided to synthesize it make it all accessible online so that anyone interested could utilize these resources or simply enjoy them.

Before you explore, a word of warning: Some material on this site is might be called “edgy” and may offend some viewers. My presentations in real-time contextualize the material on this site to reveal a nuanced and complex approach to Jewish education and Israel education in particular. This style has had tremendous positive impact—especially with Jewish teenagers.

The consultancy and workshops that I offer for educators are designed primarily to utilize these and more traditional resources in making Jewish education relevant to the lives of Jewish teens today.

Rarely will you see me lecture. My presentations are interactive and dynamic, after all, they build on the principles and skills integral to experiential Jewish education.

4 HOT Topics

1) Jewish Identity in the Age of Facebook
Me, My Friends and Community: How do social networking web-sites help us to better understand the ways in which Jewish teenagers today conceive of their own identities? This session will also look at ways in which Facebook, other social networking websites, and other technologies can be used by educators in their work.

2) What We Know and What We think We Know About Jewish Teenagers
What is it that we know, or think we know, about the enigmatic species of the teenager and their sub-set, the Jewish teenager? This forum will explore some of the myths, and possibly some of the realities of what it means to be a (Jewish) teenager in the new millennium. Rather than only focusing on the often highlighted negative stereotypes of teenagers this forum will look at both the “negative” and “positive” aspects of the adolescent – but more importantly will look at this generation as teenagers and not as adults-in-the-making..

3) Israel as a Cornerstone of Jewish Identity
We all know it’s important but still it is often difficult to articulate. This session will explore the ‘why’ of Israel in Jewish education as well as introduce us all to some innovative ways to bring Israel to life in the classroom. Through the lens of contemporary Israeli arts and culture we will look at ways in which Israel can and should be considered an integral component of anyone’s Jewish education.

4) Introduction to Social Networking: The Impact of Facebook and MySpace on Community and Communication
What does it mean to have a friend, to poke someone, or to post on someone’s wall? Whether it’s Facebook, MySpace, or another site in the works, online social networking is here to stay. This session will give you the language you’ll need to understand how today’s teens and young adults are communicating with each other online. You will also look at some of the benefits and potential pitfalls associated with these sites, and briefly examine the implications they have for your work as Jewish communal professionals and the organizations you serve.


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